A new chapter in life…

It’s February and we still don’t know what to do, as we heard the previous month that we have to move out from our cottage on a wine-farm in March. It hit’s us as lightning and the thunder rolls in our voices. I was already looking for affordable housing for more than six months, but it seems impossible to find something that we and our two dogs like or are allowed to live. I think you know that stressful feeling and then things starting to add up. Both trying to keep the other one positive and then flu hits you and keeps you in bed… Lying in bed, I remember my thoughts spinning, why we wanted to live in Africa… the dreams I had and in a way it gave me so much energy that my thoughts were: “ We still can do it”, we are older but maybe better prepared. Age is just a number, let’s be brave and go for the dream!

Living in Africa, that was the dream and the Western Cape, it’s beautiful but it isn’t the real Africa…so I started googling it bit further away. A whole lot further away. To be exact 1800 km up North, close to the Botswana border I saw a nature picture taken from the stoep from a house on a hill. I fell immediately in love with what I saw and after a few minutes up and down searching on the internet I did send a message to the owner. This time I wanted to be prepared, have some answers before my husband would go into it as well and it worked. A few weeks later we sat on that same stoep from the picture and pictured us in it and it felt good…everything felt good. So we surprised friends and family that we would move up to Lephalale / Ellisras. Lots of South African friends warned us … it would be difficult… the hot, dry weather but also the tight community. Remember they said: “You are not South African, you are Europeans”, but we are positive and will try to fit in without losing our own identity… Another chapter in our life!

Enfold me with words… So I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid

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