Being part (1) of it…

Spring is coming and I guess you are in for that “Sexy blend of mischief”?
Share the fun spending time with your friends, isn’t it all in the name… isn’t there a Noble Savage in all of us … be witty, playful and have that twinkle in your eye!

I think that people that move houses often or emigrate can imagine how hard it is to leave things and people behind. But in a way a new adventure or new beginnings are really attractive and definitely this one!
I choose to take the best of both… to prevent me of going to miss the Winelands and my ‘bookclub’ moments with friends, I just take the best of the Cape with me.
From now on it’s not only me that can enjoy some special Boutique Wines from Helshoogte.
It is such a coincidence that the market is on a Wednesday, for me ‘Bookclub’ day! Wouldn’t it be great to start a new ‘Bookclub’? The kind of ‘Bookclub’ that only reads wine labels and improves my English or Afrikaans…
So yes, I booked a market spot at Olden Café on the 29th of August and look forward to meet the villagers from Ellisras / Lephalale. I like to pour you a glass of beautiful wine, have a chat and share all kinds of knowledge and ‘this is just between you and me’ to see and talk to women would be a treat … the yes and mmm’s from my hubby don’t always convince me that he is listening or interested.

See if the lyrics of the Noble Savage wines do speak for you and till the 29th :”Let’s meet”!

Enfold me with words… So I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid

2 thoughts on “Being part (1) of it…

  1. Wow this is awesome Astrid. I hope you meet stunning ladies out there that needs a friend to just sit and chat to. We all need that. Just someone who will listen. You are really amazing.

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