Montegray Wine & Food Experience what a blast!

The table is set up … napkins are ironed, glasses and cutlery polished, small vases with flowers decorate the scenery… it’s just 3 quarters of an hour before the first guest will arrive.
I just want to have a quick look over the bushveld, funny, like I can change the view, but no… its just to have that overall look that everything is fine.

The moment I watch over the balustrade and taking in the view I can see that it isn’t fine at all. In the distance it’s getting dark and half way the Lowveld there is a wide strip of dust and the wind is blowing it right toward OpiKopi.

A storm is coming...
There is no other option than, at 17.45 as the wind is picking up and heavy rain pours out of the dark heaven, to get everything of the terrace including table and chairs and do a quick set up in our living room.
I like to be in control, but I honesty there is nothing I can do about the weather.
In the meantime the soup is heating up…I finish the first course and when the guest arrive MCC is popping!

With my regret that we have to have the Wine & Food Experience inside, all went extremely well. The guests were chatting the evening away and as we didn’t had a real place to hide as behind the kitchen counter we were invited into their conversation as well.
What looked to start as a disaster, because of the weather worked out much better than expected.

Enfold me with words… So I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid  

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