Tasting and comparing…

It’s Lady’s night and it seems that the ladies are looking forward to it!
A meet and greet with a glass of Noble Savage MCC, some time to make pictures and dinner can be served.
As one of the ladies was here before, I wanted to serve a totally different menu… I think I got that a bit wrong as all the info about the previous dinner party was shared and the Ladies were looking forward to a spot inside the house, close to the kitchen. News about the beetroot soup also traveled ahead, but none of this was on the menu.

Laughter traveled far with the wind which began at once and kept us concentrated on the wineglasses…because who wants to spill some gorgeous wines?
Also this time I put more on the table than I advertise… as it is so nice to surprise people and make them happy.

New people, new menu…great stories and lots of laughter which we still could hear when they drove of the farm. It felt like a really successful evening for me!

Enfold me with words… So I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid  

2 thoughts on “Tasting and comparing…

  1. It was such a wonderful evening. I want to do it every night!! Astrid you have an amazing gift – not only with exceptional food and wine but with a warm and friendly personality that brings people together.

    1. Oh Thank you so much for your kind words Laurizel. It’s the love for people, cooking and of course wine which I can combine so nicely now in the atmosphere of my own place in the bushveld. It was a very special evening and it was a pleasure to have you as my guest.

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