Follow your dream…

If Laughter travels far in these hills, than good news did it as well.
Requests and interest in Zeelandhuys @ die Huys OpiKopi is growing and that means only one thing;
“Happy and satisfied guests” and that makes me so content.
Starting something that you love is not always easy, so it means that you have to give it all. In my life that was never a problem…I will be happy to give it all. I love to go that extra mile and give my guests a home feeling, a great dinner and pour with passion and love the sublime wines.
Because that’s what it’s all about….Passion.

So no evening out for me on Valentine’s Day …the evening before we had 4 very happy guests.
There was no question about the liking of the food…as I saw fingers going over the plate…an almost better compliment than seeing this you can’t give me! The weather was perfect to sit on the stoep with the Bushveld view and Eskom wasn’t interfering!

Salmon-goat cheese-pine kernel mousse
Salmon-goat cheese-pine kernel mousse

Load shedding on Valentine’s day was a tricky thing….and also the wind didn’t do good to a romantic eve. So we moved the happy couple to the wooden deck in the garden. Completely shielded from the wind and after the sun-downer, in total darkness, illuminated by candlelight we served them dinner.

Cooking by a flashlight was a different story, but I survived and the nice words of my guests gave me goosebumps. It all comes together…  My African dream …and I love it that totally strangers can be part of that dream… because the Love for Food & Wine, for nice things in the comfort of my house, that’s how we connect.
Sharing good times, hear and see pretty smiles and making memories together!
Coming as strangers, leaving as friends…

Enfold me with words… So I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid  

sound travels far…

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