Quality time … with Friends or Family

The soup needs some cream, the starter some decoration and the oven is heating up till 200 degrees.

The last few months these activities happen more and more often @ Zeelandhuys.
Once in a while checking the traffic on the gravel road to make sure we are on time to open the gate…and more important to make sure that the table is ready for our guests.
Romantic dinners or a long table full of friends…people that stay over for an engagement or the business man that wants something different, we like them all and love to give them a special treatment.

It’s fabulous if we read the great reviews and when guest’s pictures find the way to social media, which shows what you can expect when you dine at Zeelandhuys.

At Zeelandhuys it’s all about a great time together, joining a superb meal in privacy, if you like so! Time is not a big issue…and we don’t mind if you stay from 5 till 9 as long as you are happy!

We like to do things different, to bring different things to the table.
So if I am not cooking up a storm, be at a market in the surroundings…my mind is always wandering what can we do more.

Coming Saturday we will be at the Wynfest in Lephalale, at the Mogul club and the 15 of June I organized a professional Gin-tasting.

Make sure that you book on time as seats are limited…meet other people and make new friends and find the Gin of your taste!

Enfold me with words… So I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid  

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