Presents with a story…

Two weeks ago some slate plates, my chef jacket and some antic tablecloths from Spain arrived. The linen has a story and are family pieces handmade by the grandmother of my brother in law. I can imagine how it would feel to finish such a master piece and sit with family or friends around the table, scared to make marks on it.
This weekend it came to the table for the first time…and it complemented the English cutlery beautiful.
Unfortunately the weather was chilly and the wind was blowing too much so our guest where sitting in the dining area in our house.
I always feel a bit uncertain if this happens as people can see directly in my kitchen.

So after a great evening, walking our guests to the gate one of the guests guest made my evening.
He said that he felt a bit uncomfortable when he noticed that the Food & Wine Experience was in our living room. I really understood what he meant and I was happy that he was honest about it. But most pleasant was the comment that followed, that he liked it very much and that the whole experience turned out as a very special evening. And I saw it happening…

I love the feeling that guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends and I cannot think in that moment of anything more to wish for.
The hugs the warmth and the compliments make my day and give me the strength and confidence to go a little step further up.
For now the dirty glasses have to wait for the next day… the Spanish linen is spinning around in the washing machine but my feet are desperate in need for a rest.
The mind is already thinking of new recipes …

Enfold me with words… So I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid  

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