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For the lovers of vintage wines and to make the dinners even more special, I will start to combine some great award winning vintage wines from Glenwood and Bartinney with a delicious 5 course meal. Please do contact me if you want to know more about it!

I realize and know that it needs some courage to book a table at Zeelandhuys @ die Huys OpiKopi, because you won’t know what kind of menu I am putting together. But I promise you, I will always listen to your diet and/or allergies requirements.
Some people don’t like fish or won’t eat raw onions. So why would I upset my guests by serving this.
My motive is to make my guests happy and serve them something what they will like or better what they will love! So they will spread a positive word!
That’s another thing…spreading the word.
For now I know that advertising by word of mouth is the best I can get, but I know also that a lot of people will try google for reviews. So please excuse me but my question after a Food & Wine experience will always be: “Would you please write a review!”
A big ‘Thank You’ if you took the time to write something. I am really proud that the reviews are so nice, which give me a boost to go on and make it even better and it will help to take away the fear for newcomers to visit Zeelandhuys.


Grateful am I, for all the advertising and spreading of the word by my satisfied guests…and very happy with the beautiful pictures that people post on FaceBook and sent to me. I can see and hear that potential guests are looking forward to have a Food and Wine Experience that resembles the pictures.
I hope it will not disappoint you, if I choose for your special event a different, but also great menu.

Please note that for our guests that don’t live close by, or don’t want to drive home after a nice evening out, we do have a beautiful guestroom.

Let me surprise you and cook up a storm, which will be a great memory or a longing for more!

Enfold me with words… So I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid  

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