There is a new Wild Rose Gin, a Brother for Hibiscus and Pepper!

Next to the Wild Rose pepper and Hibiscus Gin there is now a beautiful Blue Pea Gin available…

Wild Rose Blue Pea Gin is infused with fragrant Blue Pea flowers which gives the gin its luminous indigo color. It is such a beautiful gin to look at!

Classic juniper and citrus flavors linger with earthy layers of cut grass and spice, ending with a full and lengthy aftertaste. 

Prepare for a color-shifting gin-and-tonic experience. Add your favorite tonic to our Wild Rose Blue Pea Gin, watch and enjoy the magical transformation of color as it shifts from blue to purple to pink.

Unfortunately we are still in Lock Down for Dinner BnB and Food & Wine Experiences… but remember we have great wines, gin and leisure products that we deliver in Lephalale!

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