Finch, a Dogs Tale… New life at Zeelandhuys OpiKopi

Tomorrow you will be at Opikopi for 14 days.
And Wednesday 3 February you are 10 weeks old…
And so your life begins with a Dutch family on a Game-farm in South Africa.
Since you’ve been here, I keep a kind of diary post on Facebook with all your adventures. Someone came up with the idea to give you your own page, I had to think about that because although it is a nice idea, it will also take time. Of course, I wouldn’t have to write every day if it’s a Blog… and hence the idea has taken shape.

Born on 25 November 2020.

On January 20 you will leave your birthplace 100 kilometers away from Lephalale to meet your new owners. The old and new owners meet each other wearing masks, at a parking lot of a supermarket.
Yes, it’s a strange year when you are born, there is a pandemic in the world that is unparalleled. The one and a half meter limit is immediately violated to end up in the arms of me your new doggy friend. And how happy she is… I got the last information and hear that you drank some milk, your last breastmilk this morning and that you were the eleventh and last puppy.

Your dad is a beige Boerbull and your mom is a black Labrador… I think you being number eleven of the litter that you are going to be a beautiful last man in a rugby team… strong neck muscles, a healthy hunger, fast and agile. You will go for the confrontation…

With your new owners Jan and Astrid you leave for Zeelandhuys OpiKopi. For now you are allowed to sit in the front, on my lap… only because you are still small and everything is so new.
The days at Zeelandhuys are filled with eating, pooping and peeing and discovering the farm, but above all, you bond with your new friend Blix who, like me, is completely in love with you.
Jan does not show it that way, but is attached to you immediately, you bring some exiting life back into the Zeelandhuys family.

Going outside the gate is quite an adventure, especially when we have an ‘up close and personal’ meeting with Kleyntje on January 29.

Kleyntje is a bushbuck who wanted to get closer to me 2.5 years ago and because of that, she hit the electric fence and jumped into and out of the garden… she has a baby which I named Max and a sister named Bebè.

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It rains a lot this January and mushrooms grow in a fairy ring that you are not allowed to touch, Thunder and lightning, even as the squirrels in the roof, do scare you and please don’t mention the annoying ticks…
I can’t understand that you can still hear or listen when you have 10 of these horrible parasites in your ear…
I have to call your name a lot. And when you look up and I am happy that you understand that its your name, you run away…
I wonder if you are just naughty or is this your strong character, that tells me who you really are.

Enfold me with words… so I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid


6 thoughts on “Finch, a Dogs Tale… New life at Zeelandhuys OpiKopi

  1. Prachtig geschreven en super iniatief om een blog over Finch te starten 😉 denk dat jullie nog veel plezier gaan beleven, karakter zal hij wel hebben 😂 ook Blix kan al niet meer weerstaan aan zijn nieuw maatje 🧡 avonturen komen er nog aan voor jullie ! Xx

    1. Echt hij is te grappig…ooit kom je toch weer oppassen. Nou dan kun je met hem helmaal naar de poort huppelen. vergeet Elias niet in te lichten xxx

      1. Finch, toe jy gebore is was jy so klein en ek was bekommerd. Maar elke dag hier op ons werf het jy net groter en sterker geword. Ek moes wel twee keer vir jou skelm na jou hondema toe vat, weg van jou boeties en sussies vir n bietjie ekstra melk. Jou ma het net 10 tiete en julle was 11. Jy het net sterker en groter geword. Ons kon later nie eers meer sien waar is jy tussen die ander. Ek is so dankbaar dat jy so n wonderlike vir altyd huis gekry het. Geniet jou plaas lewe

        1. Dankie Elize vir jou goei sorge…We are grateful to have found you and Finch, he is a wonderful dog. Eager to learn and a great playmate for Blix. We believe he will grow into a big boy with a warm heart for his family. x

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