Finch, a Dogs Tale… Close to the Red Earth

Think we all forget what the world looks like when you are little. But as you grow older you may enjoy those little things, that make the world so beautiful and special. With Finch here I try to look through his eyes… hear with his ears and smell with his nose.

He stops at the strangest moments. In the middle of a sprint he slows down, goes back a few steps, puts his nose in the air or starts to peer into the tall grass.

The nose in the air feels very safe during the day for me as I can see what’s going on and in the dark I use the flashlight to see if something attracts his attention. I don’t like an exploration of tall grass or under bushes very funny in the dark and a black puppy is almost invisible in dark Africa

Due to the heavy rainfall, the chance of finding snakes and scorpions is much greater.

I learned to make more noise while walking instead of being quiet. Most animals flee from noise because they see it as a danger. Screaming is the next thing.

But sometimes danger also comes from above. I had now twice a strange feeling when I came back from the ‘Finch loop’… Jacobsloop is down and I don’t know why it’s so called… but the ‘Finch loop’ is the short path from our gate to the first corner … and ‘loop’ has hardly anything to do with movement or it must be his bowels.

When entering the garden there is suddenly that feeling … I look up and see an immense bird of prey… the underside of the wings are white and it is definitely not the pair of birds of prey that has a nest here on Die Koppie 

We must be careful and keep an eye on Finch because they can easily take a puppy with their claws, even a small goat, hare, buck or other animal of that size is a piece of cake for them.

But I must say: ”The world is amazing close to the red earth, the grass in different shades of green and long and full of spikes… Bebè and Kleyntje the bushuck are impressive, kind and still shy… I see you watching the butterflies with wonderment and the tokkie toks are the most beautiful toys.

These thick black beetles, Tokkie toks are great to put your paw on, let them run away and then jump on them before you put your snout in the ground again and again to sniff the red, wet earth

until you are tired and lay down to sleep …

Enfold me with words…so I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid

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