Finch, a Dogs Tale… Up Close and Personal

If you think that nothing happens in life when you are 10 weeks old then you are very wrong… After all, a lot is happening in Finch new world.
Life at Zeelandhuys OpiKopi is never boring.

There was a crazy thunderstorm, the sky turned blue, ink blue and then black. Finch likes to hide between two armchairs where no one can see him. Close to Astrid though but she was not paying attention for a while. She was captivated by the beautiful picture outside.

Whereupon Finch was frightened by the thunder and got ready to go to the bathroom and  … oops the door to the garden was closed, otherwise it would rain inside.
Sorry Lady of the house but The first poo accident happened. Well you don’t do such things on purpose, I guess.
Blix doesn’t want anything to do with the situation, he turns his nose up in the sky and walks away.

More positive news is that, since yesterday, Finch walks in the bench for his night sleep, without having to be lifted in it.
I think he knows by now that the cage is not a punishment and that if he barks, I will come immediately. Until now this waking up has been twice a night, not my favorite thing to get up at night but so it be, with baby’s & puppies.
Hopefully these nightly disturbance will change quickly now that he has different puppy food and I will no longer dilute it with water.
He enjoys the new brand, it looks like he enjoys good food. I guess he will be spoiled in the future if some tasty pieces of fillet are left after a dinner party. As long as he doesn’t go hunt himself, there is nothing wrong with a good culinary appetite.
We are already training to behave around wildlife.

So early Saturday morning, I walk down the Finch-loop with Blix and Finch. I am still in my white bathrobe. It drizzles… but the morning walk is good to set things in motion. The purpose is that they don’t use the garden as a doggie toilet… and certainly don’t do their thing inside!

Sleep was still in my eyes when I suddenly noticed Kleyntje, who stood only 5 meters away from us… She had already seen or heard me and looked me straight in the eye…

See Bebè at the back

I felt that on my left leg was Blix and when I stopped walking, he also did and sat down.
Finch has not been trained yet, so he jumped a bit further without really seeing the bushbokje.
If you ever ask yourself how puddles arise, we had a small inside in that too…
Kleyntje is fascinated by the pup and was focused on Finch, circled him without losing sight of the little black dog.

Blix didn’t move or make a noise and sat close to my leg..Finch quickly went into safety by sitting next to him…

I could see that Finch thought that she was coming too close, and he turned around, whereupon Kleyntje stepped right toward us… up to about 3 meters.
What a special meeting.


Enfold me with words…so I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid

6 thoughts on “Finch, a Dogs Tale… Up Close and Personal

  1. Hoe schattig vraag me af wat in beide kopjes omgaat … zo dichtbij elkaar observeren. Dieren zijn magisch, volgens mij weten ze van elkaar dat ze geen dreiging zijn. Oo en dat accidentje met Finch en het onweer, lag zeker aan dat hij bang was. Trouwens wie niet met zwaar onweer 🤔 ben er ook nooit gerust op. Blix blijft prachtig hé zo een lieverd 🧡 Prachtig geschreven zoals steeds Astrid 🤩

    1. ❤️dank je wel…tja het onweer was heftig ik schrok zo nu en dan ook wel…we kunnen nog veel van elkaars gedrag leren…vooral het pure van dieren vind ik prachtig.

  2. Mooi verhaal en wat is Blix een beauty.
    Ik denk dat dieren aanvoelen if iets goed of slecht is. Kleyntje vertrouwde het wel ❤️❤️

    1. Ik denk dat ze vooral heel nieuwsgierig is omdat Finch nog een puppie is. Ik vind het natuurlijk heerlijk dat ze op mij vertrouwd en nu op de honden, maar dat is tegen de natuur en niet alle mensen praten tegen haar en genieten van haar schoonheid…x

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