Finch, a Dogs Tale… a Visit to the Vet.


Always fun, going out with the whole family.
Finch is looking a little helplessly at Blix who has long since jumped into the trunk of the car.
I quickly add Finch next to him and watch our youngster proudly sitting next to his big friend.

We drive over two bridges and there is lots of water in the Tambotie and the Mogol…the land is flooded.

It’s a nice cool day, so it’s quiet in the car, no fogged up windows and I don’t hear any panting.
When getting out, Finch has to be on a leash, which he absolutely cannot appreciate. Luckily he is fine with a little distraction and a walk to the scale will do the trick. He sits down nicely while the assistant reads 12.2 kg. Looks like only my bum and tail weights 3.8.

A good weight for a puppy of 12 weeks. We now have to wait for the vet, who is really excited to see Finch, one of Finch’s brothers and sisters is found also their way to Lephalale and visit the same Vet.

On the first visit, a murmur was detected in the heart and it still appears to be there. But given the way he plays and is active, there is no reason for medication… phew, I have to dive in that, because medication is not my thing at all.
Finch gets his booster injection and a de-worming tablet, we’re ready for another month!
Let’s wait and see if they are both there again to greet the little master of the house…

When we return home to OpiKopi we drive towards a herd of impalas, zebra and gemsbok… they are far too fast to photograph them properly, but there was a slow diver who could still be captured on camera…


Stoffel the Tortoise was just on his way to a hole of water, realized he had forgotten his swimming trunks and turned around …
And that’s how always something happens in the lives of Finch and his friends.

I can see the roof… wraf wraf…Home Sweet Home!

Enfold me with words…so I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid

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