Finch, a Dogs Tale… Waving Grasses.

The grass in the Bushveld grows just as fast as Finch, they grow up together and tickle each other when they meet.

Finch takes sprints, lies down and sniffs at all those different types of grass. Yes, of course I never paid attention to that, but what a multitude of grass types we have here and they have so many different ways of flowering.

Every now and then he snaps his way through and hides in it. It is funny to see, but also very annoying because his ears are probably full of ticks again…

I have now been able to sleep two nights until 6 am, think we are through now. He often doesn’t feel like going to his pee-lane so often.

He then walks from the terrace to the two-step staircase and he stays there, you can shout as loud as you like. He looks at you with those dark eyes and doesn’t seem to understand Dutch… and Finch… he doesn’t know that name! Because I think he really has to go and I do not want him to do his needs on the sidewalk, I carry him the last part to the gate … Well 10 kg is already quite a lot and then run at a trot and be careful that I don’t fall over half hidden rocks…it’s a task.

So Mr. Finch, 12 weeks and 12 kg, is probably thinking now; “If I stay here, she will carry me”.

Very strong is his will not to move, so every now and then I gently slide my foot against his butt to spur him on… or pull his collar for a moment. He hates the latter, so now that he knows his name when he gets a treat. Knows perfectly well that he has to go to the bathroom outside the garden. It is time to get used to the leash. Not that he will walk on it often, but he must be able to walk along my leg and listen, you never know with whom we will encounter.

I must confess that I am less strict with him about some things than with all the other dogs. Finch can feel free to lie under the sprinkler when its sprinkling, he dries in no time. And growing up in the bush is really a bit more down to earth… or did I become more relaxed here?

We enjoy the sunrise together, Finch shewing a stone or stick and me a cappuccino. He is allowed to sit on my lap and then he pushes so wonderful softly his head under my chin.
As long as this gentleman in the make listens to what I really don’t want … it will all be fine.

In this phase of puppy life it is mainly about gaining trust and building a bond… giving a lot of love and getting even more love back…



Enfold me with words…so I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid

2 thoughts on “Finch, a Dogs Tale… Waving Grasses.

  1. I’m smiling 😁 if Mr Finch (your sweetheart) already knows how to act and how to respond to your emotions. Think you might see a little more through the eyes … and yes those eyes who can resist them? So a cutie 🧡 love love !

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