Finch, a Dogs Tale… Table Manners.







Wow Finch is almost 14 weeks on this earth and 6 weeks at Zeelandhuys OpiKopi.

He is such a joy to have around and Blix is also very fond of him, and together they play a lot…we think that Blix was missing that playmate in Thor, who wasn’t already in a good space for a long time. So sorry to say, but it’s the truth, thinking of it now… we think he was in pain, but always tried to do his best and he did!

Back to Finch his short life… who we can almost trace on the wooden path. Sitting with his nose in the air, catching the scents of the exotic animals passing by, somewhere 45 meters below on the lowland or perhaps only 4 meters below on the hill along the fence.






If he can’t see it very well, is he venturing on the rocks, youthful rashness or just a tough guy? He also discovered the mouse that visits us in the evening, which is looking for some leftover dogfood. I’m terrified that he catches it, although I love them to move further away from the house.

Inside the house Finch has also found his favorite places, between two chairs or under a side table, which wobbles dangerously when he gets up, so for the time being no crockery or vases will be on those. He doesn’t really realize how big he is yet. Or he may lay a short time on my lap…as this will end soon…

His leather collar has just been replaced by Thor’s old one, as the rugby neck is growing almost even faster than his feet. Luckily his bladder has grown a bit too, so we  don’t have to go outside the gate that much anymore, and he understands that we don’t appreciate it, him doing his needs in the garden.

The tall grass along the dirt road is also much more fun to hide in and wait for Blix to pass by, than the short mowed grass on the guest side of the house…
He likes to jumps up like a jackpot from a box and Blix plays the game along and acts very surprised.

Last Friday was a special day… for the first time there were dinner guests visiting and that means that Finch can show that he can listen very well and is obedient…and he did. He is interested in all the guests and loves a good table setting. It was difficult to choose which side of the table he must sit…with the man or with the woman. So for most of the dinner time he styed nicely under the table…only allowed for dogs of course. 

Enfold me with words…so I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid



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  1. The wonderful world of Finch, who is really slowly losing his puppy side. How great that Blix and he have become good friends. And certainly proud that he listened so well with your guests during dinner. Beautiful pictures Astrid 🧡

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