Finch, a Dogs Tale… Creating Habits

Walk back and forth, sniff and turn again. We now know Finch’s habits. It’s  time for me to turn my head away. Not out of shame, but everyone wants privacy in this case and in those moments… I guess.
Good that I do so, because otherwise I would have missed the moment the Mongoose crossed the dirt-road.

Sleeping in the crate is going fantastic, and he is super happy when I let him out in the morning. He has developed a whole ritual. Runs straight out of the cage to the trellidoor, sticks his head between the bars as I unlock this door and at the click he quickly pulls his head out. To put his head forward again and push against the glass door.
When I open it, he first quietly looks outside to see if the coast is clear… and then he will go out on my “Come on Finch”.

Then comes the best for me… he runs a bit, turns around comes to get a hug, runs again and comes back again this repeats itself about 4 times, so it takes a long time before I get to the gate where Blix is ​​raring with impatience.


For over a week it has been significantly cooler in the morning and especially those mornings when the wind is blowing, so I don’t stop very often for taking pictures or waiting for them… I walk on quietly, the boys know their walking trip.

Finch is still responsive to every bird, butterfly and moth, but he also likes to catch crawling insects. Stones and sticks are there to chew and grass is fantastic when it is long and pliable… it bites away so nicely while running.

When we get home it is first to the kitchen… see if something tasty goes with the kibble and feel if the refrigerator is still cool when the door opens and the light is still on. He wants to see everything.

And unfortunately also feel…

Yesterday Jan was working outside the fence on a water pipe and Finch was watching him from the garden side… I was inside, ironing and suddenly see him running towards the kitchen, loud screaming. Oh, the sweetheart was still completely shaking with fright.

He had, it seems, stuck his nose against the tension wire. I can only hope he doesn’t do that again.

Very sad for him, but this wire can also protect him because last Monday we got the sad news that both Finch’s parents died from a bite of a Black Mamba which is the fastest and longest, but also extremely poisonous snake in South Africa. The snake was probably cornered by Finch’s Boerbull dad, because a snake never attacks just like that. Don’t be alarmed, they live quite a few miles away, and I have not heard yet that this snake lives here on OpiKopi.

In addition, Finch keeps a close eye on everything from his new vantage point and even marks the terrace when guests are eating… talk about being dominant. None of our dogs have done that yet. No dog has grown as fast as Finch and loves food so much as he does… he now weighs approx. 21 kg…Only 4.5 months old, so there is a way to go before he reaches adultery. 

Enfold me with words…so I can disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid



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