December… Thank You!


December…It is and remains a special month.
The month in which you look back on the year and make resolutions for the coming year.
December is the month where I immediately think of winter, but I have had summer for 16 years now. The month that we emigrated and over the years slowly settled in South Africa.

In December, 3 years ago, I decided to do what I wanted so badly,
Starting a very small-scale Diner-BnB and Huyskamer restaurant. First dinner was in December and it is up and running as it goes in these days and that is fine for me, despite the worldwide pandemic I certainly will and won’t complain.
In all of this, it’s also about doing things together and as if December connects more than other months, a lot comes together for me in the December month.

I am grateful for – and also proud of – what I do now, something that is made possible for me by Jan and Floris of course, but many other people are also part of this. Because without the support of doing what I love most is impossible.

Just a quick message, a sweet greeting, a good conversation, heartwarming comments on a blog or social media posts, it helps enormously.
Bonding and connection with people will always remain important to me, although a kind of release process has also started here.

For my past year I especially want to thank the people who shared warmth and friendship with me. People who, after 16 years or if they have known me before emigration, still put the same spontaneous energy into contact.
Sometimes the thumbs up or a comment on social media, can be just that little pat on the back that you need on a day…

I want to thank my guests for the trust they have in me. And I certainly want to thank those who took the time and effort to write a ‘review’ and those who provided word of mouth.

I would like to thank the various wine and gin suppliers and of course the local butcher shop and my new contact for fresh fish from the Cape… Thank you all for the fast delivery and beautiful products that I am allowed and able to work with. Then of course I mustn’t forget to thank the Couriers because they are extremely important when you live so far from the city.
This year some beautiful video images were added to our website, to give me the opportunity to advertise Zeelandhuys a little bit better. Footage made by local men and artfully put together by Floris.

A Thank you to everyone who still thinks I am worthwhile to keep in touch with, who does support me and guide me where necessary in my learning process, make me laugh or cry, preferably from happiness.

Thank you All for sharing another year together…

“Never give up on your dreams” because that’s where the happiness lies…

Wrap me in words, disappear in sentences and allude with text, Astrid

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