“Years ago we fell in love with Africa and our hearts are full of it, a love that we like to share with our guests. That special feeling that hopefully gets into you when you Stay over and Dine with us in the Bushveld and where the South African wine and the smell of Africa will seduce you. Enjoy the starry South African night and share stories around the fire. In the crispness of the early morning, that moment when the sun just rises and the birds start singing, just before that peaceful breakfast, your heart will be full of love for Africa as well”.

Chef’s Table

‘Be welcome and feel at home’, that’s what I want to achieve if I fill the clear crystal glasses that do justice to the boutique wines from the Western Cape. Take a place at the table that will be decorated with beautiful cutlery and candles to heighten that special atmosphere. Wine that will complement the well balanced dish which will have a local bushveld touch. If you’re still not blown away by now, ‘let me tell you’, the amazing view over the lower bushveld, where you may spot some wildlife and the company will definitely have that effect!


“Every day is a special occasion and is worth celebrating with a good glass of wine”, that is just my opinion!
After living for 12 years in the Winelands of South Africa, I got to know my way around. If it comes to small, but superb off the beaten track wineries. With lots of enthusiasm I love to share my wine knowledge with you and tell you inside stories, as I visited these places or even worked for them. I like to advise you and show you that there are different wines, in different price classes, for different occasions without compromising on quality …

Who we are

We are Jan and Astrid, from Dutch origin and we emigrated in December 2005 with our son to the Western Cape of South Africa.
Along the way, as we are getting older, we got to learn a bit of South Africa. Travelled to some nice places, met lovely people that became friends and got lost in ‘Living the Good Life’ of South Africa.
We think there is no better place than this beautiful country!
We love to read, love good food and wine and like to socialize with people from all over the world… Jan likes carpentry and Astrid loves to write, decorate, photography and cooking and both of us adore our 2 dogs.
In May 2018 the two of us moved with the dogs to Lephalale/Ellisras . We just wanted to go for a totally different kind of life now our son decided to go and study overseas… and here we are.
Living our Dream, doing what we love and hopefully you like what we Do!
If you want to know more about us…and see what we do, please flip through the website, read the blog or better stay over at our accommodation or book a late lunch on our stoep.

Please Note

If you can't reach us by phone please try again later or send a Whats-app or email, cell phone reception is often poor at OpiKopi.